Enhancing maritime security in Maldives

INGO-GECPO | 기사입력 2019/10/17 [22:35]

Enhancing maritime security in Maldives

INGO-GECPO | 입력 : 2019/10/17 [22:35]



The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) is mandatory instrument addressing the safety and security of ships, ports, cargo and crew. It contains detailed security-related requirements for Governments, port authorities and shipping companies to ensure preventive measures can be taken if a security threat is determined.


Maldives has become the latest country to receive maritime security training from IMO on the ISPS Code, specifically for its Designated Authority (DA) and Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs).


A three-day workshop, concluding today in Male, Maldives (13 – 17 October) has provided participants with the knowledge necessary to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the IMO maritime security measures in SOLAS Chapter XI-2, including the ISPS Code and related guidance.


The workshop covered many issues surrounding maritime security and including a role-playing exercise in which a port facility security assessment was enacted.


The workshop brought together representatives from Maldives Transport Agency, Coast Guard, Police Service, Customs Service, Immigration Service, State Trading Organization, ship owners and several ports operators.


It was organized by IMO and the Government of Maldives, under the auspices of IMO's Global Maritime Security programme.



Source: IMO

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